Specialty Drinks

Cool Breeze
Raspberry Vodka, Gin, Rum, Tequilla, Triple Sec, Sweet &
Sour, splash of Sprite

Shorty's Buffalo
Southern Comfort, Vodka, Ameretto, pineapple, cherry &
orange juice

Italian Surfer
Coconut Rum, Ameretto with pineapple and cranberry juice

Woo Woo
Vodka, Peach Schnapps and cranberry juice

Southern Peach Juice
Southern Comfort, Peach Schnapps and cranberry juice

Drunken Monkey
Vanilla Vodka, Ameretto, Banana Liqueur, and pineapple juice


Bad Apple
Apple Vodka, Pomegranate Liqueur, Triple Sec, Sweet & Sour, lime, rimmed with salt

Lemon Drop
Gin, Triple Sec, Sweet & Sour, rimmed with sugar

Chocolate Martini
Vodka, Creme de Cacao, White Chocolate Liqueur

Pomegranate Liqueur, Vodka, splash of Sweet & Sour, slice of lime

Vodka, Triple Sec, cranberry juice, and lime juice


* 6oz Seared Seasoned  Sashimi Tuna
Char grilled rare, served over greens tossed in ginger vinaigrette with soy wasabi sauce
$ 16

Shrimp Cocktail      
Six shrimp with our homemade cocktail sauce     $ 12

Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes
Homemade and served with Jamaican relish chipotle sauce   $ 12

Shorty’s Homemade Cheese Sticks  $  6

Portabella Mushrooms
Slices of portabella, lightly breaded and deep fried   $ 6

Breaded and deep fried Calamari tossed in buffalo sauce or lemon oil & herb sauce     $7

Onion Rings
Served with our horseradish Dibble dip    $ 6

Loaded Fries
Smothered with melted cheese, bacon and scallions    $ 9

Veggie Basket
Portabellas, onion rings, pickles, broccoli, & sweet potato fries  $ 8

Entree Salads

Steak & Spinach   (May substitute Shrimp for Steak)
Steak tips, red onion, toasted almonds, tomatoes, bleu cheese crumbles  $ 14

Pecan Chicken
Craisins, pecans, red onion   $ 9 .50

Buffalo Chicken Salad
Fried or grilled chicken, tossed in buffalo sauce, bleu cheese crumbles, tomatoes, red onions  $  9.50

Mesquite chicken, cheese, southwest veggies, and black beans  $  9.50
(May substitute steak tips for chicken  $ 14)

Ham, turkey, cheese, tomatoes, red onions, peppercini's and croutons  $ 9.50

Dressings: Ranch, Honey Mustard, French, Bleu Cheese, Chipotle Ranch, Poppyseed
Vinaigrettees: Raspberry, Italian, (Our homemade vinaigrettes are made with Peanut Oil) Balsamic Vinagrette

Fish & Seafood Entrees

* Sashimi Yellow Fin Tuna
Char grilled rare, spring mix tossed with our signature soy wasabi sauce  ( fresh made wasabi upon request)      $ 23

Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes 
Served with Jamaican chipolte sauce  $ 21

Smoked Gouda Crab Cakes 
Served with Cajun bacon cream sauce  $ 24

Almond Crusted Haddock
Served with  jalapeno tarter  $ 18Half size    $ 14

Broiled Haddock
Served with tomatoe, caper vinaigrette $ 18         Half size   $14

Tavern Fish       $  15

*Char Grilled Wild Alaskan Salmon   Your choice $21
Your choice, sweet & sour cranberry, pecan glaze, or black & bleu

Shrimp Dinner Your choice $ 19
Served Cajun with Jamaican relish, breaded & deep fried, or Scampi style

* Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness.

Pasta & Rice

Seafood Pasta  
Shrimp, bay scallops, spinach, in creamy roasted tomato sauce over angel hair $19

Cagun Chicken Alfredo
Grilled chicken breast, andouille, roasted red peppers, green onion over pasta  $ 16

Asiago Crusted Chicken
Served over angel hair pasta, with broccoli and roasted red peppers $16

Honey Sirracha Tips
Served over  rice with mushrooms, broccoli, garnished with green onions    $17

Steaks... And More
Steaks are seasoned with our rosemary-garlic blend and finished with beef jus

T-Bone $ 28New York  $  22Ribeye  $ 24

6 oz. Filet Mignon $ 22

8 oz. Filet Mignon $ 26

Sirloin $ 15

6 oz. Smoked Gouda Crab Crusted Filet $ 26
With bacon, cajun cream sauce

Add Shrimp $8
Add any of the following choices to your steak for $ 2 :   Bleu cheese & herb crust, traditionally blackened, sautéed onions & mushrooms
Peppercorn Crust Upon Request $.50

We cannot guarantee the quality of any steak ordered well done

10 oz. Boneless Pork Chop $ 15
Topped with bourbon, bacon, onion marmalade $ 16

8 oz. Chop Steak
Smothered with sautéed onions, mushrooms, & gravy  $ 14

Calves Liver & Onions
With bacon and garlic butter   $  14

Casey’s Chicken
Mesquite seasoned chicken and smothered with bacon, mushrooms, and smoked gouda cheese    $   16


Philly Steak
Thin sliced steak, sautéed onions, mushrooms, and cheese sauce    $ 8.50

Bournon Beef
Thin sliced beef with a bourbon, bacon, onion marmalade  $8.50

Asiago Crusted Chicken
With honey mustard   $ 7.00

Shrimp Po Boy
Breaded shrimp with Jalapeno tartar $ 8.00

Buffalo Chicken Sub
With bleu chees crumbles, fried or grilled  $ 7

Chicken Bacon Club
Swiss cheese and chipotle mayonnaise     $ 6.50

Turkey Bacon Melt
Swiss cheese & American     $ 6.50

Three Meat Sub
Ham, turkey, bacon, smoked gouda, chipotle ranch     $ 8

Tavern Fried Fish        $  6.00 

Broiled Haddock   $ 7.50                                     Fried Haddock  $ 7.50                               

½ lb. Cheeseburger$ 61/3 lb. Cheeseburger     $ 5

Specialty Burgers

Black & Bleu
Cajun seasoned with bleu cheese & herb crust

BBQ Bacon  & Cheeseburger

Mushroom & Swiss

Jamaican Me Crazy
Jalapenos, sweet Jamaican relish, pepper jack cheese 

All specialty burgers available in ½ lb. size for   $ 7.001/3 lb.  for    $ 6.00

Shorty's Menu
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(All Shorty's burgers are black angus beef)
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